Lesson 7

1. sliding : cegatan

2. boundary : batas

3. steady : mantap

4. strain : ketegangan

5. fracture: patah/retak

6. congruence : kesesuaian/ kecocokan

7. crust : kulit/kerak

8. continent : benua

9. originates : mula-mula

10. irregular : tidak teratur

11. angling : memancing

12. trace : bekas/jejak

13. trench : parit

14. rift : celah

15. intermittent : berselang

16. interpreted : ditafsirkan

17. uncomfortably : terasa tidak enak

18. underlie : mendasari

19. recurrence : kambuh

20. devastating : menghancur

The Ideas of Each Paragraph

Paragraph 1 : The impact of san andreas fault

Paragraph 2 : The anticipation of california


Listening comphresion diagnostic test

1. a She is afraid to ask Pat to work

2. d She was having trouble with today’s lesson

3. c It isn’t the right consistency

4. a She should not try to do too many things today

5. c The woman can get her tire repaired at the service station

6. b He doesn’t need more light

7. a He’s not sure there are any more math books available

8. b Susan has told him a lot about her trip

9. b Building book shelves

10. b Mr. Grant will never increase Ben’s salary

11. d She doesn’t know where the bank is

12. b The man couldn’t come and get the cabinets

13. a She hasn’t seen a good movie in years

14. a It has rained too much lately

15. a She hasn’t seen her grades lately

16. c It’s too bad they can’t get to the airport on time

17. d He didn’t know that the concert was on Wednesday night

18. a He’s not very enthusiastic about his school work

19. c He’ll take the photograph for the woman

20. d The man’s behavior indicates that he is confused

21. b She’s sure it will be easy

22. a The doctor will be available shortly

23. c There should be some good bargains at the music store

24. c Try opening a new restaurant

25. b There’s no reason to roll up the windows

26. b She is demanding

27. b Their papers must be at least twenty-five pages long

28. b Try to clear up his problems with Greg

29. c The ceremony lasted too long

30. b She would probably like some coffee

31. c In a picture framing shop

32. b A replacement for the glass she has broken

33. b Choose new frames

34. d Order from a catalogue

35. d He is surprised

36. d She was notified at preregistration

37. d Go to the library

38. b Get settled in one place

39. a You will lower your body temperature too much

40. c Dress warmly

41. d They will be accompanied by guides

42. b People will raise their hands

43. b In every ocean on earth

44. d They can link together to form very long chains

45. c Because it is not easy to get there

46. a Their ability to glow

47. b It is very beautiful and not easily destroyed

48. b It can be used to conduct electricity

49. b It makes the skyline of a city glitter, which is very attractive

50. c Many people move to the area to look for gold, and new development occurs

Reading Comprehension 5

New vocabulary
Grazing : Penggembalaan
Insights : Wawasan
Migration : Migrasi
Herds : Ternak
Climate : Iklim
Behavior : Perilaku
Geologists : Ahli Geologi
Appeared : Muncul
Extinct : Punah
Midway : Tengah
Strait : Selat
Ridden : Ditunggangi
Agriculture : Pertanian
Tribes : Suku
Similar : Serupa
Originated : Berasal

The ideas of each paragraph
Paragraph 1 = The development of the horse through the stages of evolution in modern form

Paragraph 2 = Horse in the history of the origin of the earth

Paragraph 3 = Evidence of the development of the horse in Europe

A summary of the passage :

Think about the thousands and thousands of people who died trying to find the Northwest Passage.

Question :

1. What is this passage mainly about?
A. The evolution of the horse
B. The migration of horses
C. The modern-day pony
D. The replacement of the anchitheres by the hipparion

2. According to the author, fossils are considered valuable for all of the following reasons EXCEPT ?
A. They suggest how the climate may have been
B. They provide information about migration
C. They document the evolution of the horse
D. They maintain a record of life prior to the Miocene Age

3. The word instigated in paragraph 1 could best be replaced by ?
A. Explained
B. Caused
C. Improved
D. Influenced

4. What does the author mean by the statement Geologists believe that the first horses appeared on Earth about sixty million years ago as compared with two million years ago for the appearance of human beings?
A. Horses appeared long before human beings according to the theories of geologists.
B. Both horses and human beings appeared several million years ago, if we believe geologists.
C. The geological records for the appearance of horses and human beings are not very accurate.
D. Horses and human beings cannot be compared by geologists because they appeared too long ago.

5. Which of the following conclusions may be made on the basis of information in the passage?
A. The hipparions migrated to Europe to feed in developing grasslands.
B. There are no fossil remains of either the anchitheres or the hipparion.
C. There were horses in North America when the first European colonists arrived.
D. Very little is known about the evolution of the horse.

6. The word extinct in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to ?
A. Familiar
B. Widespread
C. Nonexistent
D. Tame

7. It can be concluded from this passage that the ?
A. Miocene Period was prior to the Pleistocene
B. Pleistocene Period was prior to the Miocene
C. Pleistocene Period was prior to the Pliocene
D. Pliocene Period was prior to Miocene

Answer The Question lesson
1. A. The evolution of the horse

2. D. They maintain a record of life prior to the Miocene Age

3. D. Influenced

4. B.Both horses and human beings appeared several million years ago, if we believe geologists.

5. A.The hipparions migrated to Europe to feed in developing grasslands.

6. B. Widespread

7. D. Pliocene Period was prior to Miocene




Audio Script

Listening Comprehension Section Test


1.B.He would like to read the articles, too.

2.C.She has been going to work late.

3.B.on a fam.

4.C.She’s feeling worse all the time.

5.A.She doesn’t like the painting.

6.C.The woman should study for both tests.

7. D.Frustrated.

8.D. He isn’t sure it will be possible.

9. A.Janice called someone for him.
10.D.He doesn’t know when she will do the thesis.

11. A.That the man had fallen in the snow.

12. C.The cafeteria is too far away to walk to.

13.A.Jane owns the dictionary the woman wants to borrow.
14.C.The birds are terrific.

15. A.He knows a tour guide in the park.

16. B.She always works at night.

17.C.She hadn’t planned on going out tonight.

18. B.He doesn’t sell books anymore.

19. A.Jack was busy repairing his car during her visit.

20. D.The rooms haven’t been cleaned yet.
21. C.Clara is too busy to work for him.

22. A.Move to a more affordable apartment.

23. B.The woman needs to start her project today.

24. B.She heard that Karen missed a few questions on the test.

25.A.She doesn’t understand what the man wants.

26. C.The man shouldn’t be driving in this weather.

27. C.The man should check the paper tonight.

28.D.She doesn’t want to carry her dictionary.

29. D.Find out what is bothering the man.

30. C.Sharon seems bothered by the amount of work she has to do.


Questions 31 through 34. Listen to a conversation between two friends

31. B.The effects of hard water.

32. C.Difficult.

33. A.Moving to a new apartment.

34. A.Wash some clothes.

Questions 35 through 38. Listen to a telephone conversation between a students and her friend.

35.B.Transportation arrangements.

36. B.He’ll be in Chicago that evening.

37. C.He will be flying in from Chicago earlier that evening.

38.A.He would rather take his own car.


Questions 39 through 42. Listen to a biology professor give an introductory lecture to his students.

39.A.A branch of biology.

40. D.Study similarities in the activities and functions of organisms.

41. B.Because there are too complex to understand.

42.B.Their activities and functions.

Questions 43 through 46. Listen to a talk given by a college running coach.

43. A.To explain the rewards of long distance running.

44.B.Work out on their own.

45.C.Friday nights will be free for social activities.

46. A.Practice will begin.

Questions 47 through 50. Listen to a college professor speaking to an art history class.

47.D.Intensely dramatic paintings of the sea.

48. C.The depiction of the struggle for survival on American farms.

49. B.A single man, a small boat and an unfriendlysea.

50.D.To convey the changing moods of the Atlantic Ocean.